The Department of Health (DOH) – Regional Office No.VII is committed in fulfilling its thrusts relative to the implementation of the Aquino Health Agenda which is the Universal Health Care or Kalusugan Pangkalahatan. To achieve these thrusts, there is a need to optimize the strategic pillars or health instruments contained in the Health Sector Agenda. Health Information Systems is one of these pillars which focuses on the establishment of modern information systems that will provide evidence for policy and program development.

        We, as an organization, is expected to keep ourselves perceptive and keen to the varying needs of our primary clientele, the people of Central Visayas. With the development and breakthroughs seen in the information technology, we recognize that we cannot continue to work effectively in a situation where communication on highly and significant health-related policies and services is poor, or inadequate.

      In this account, the installation of this website is a huge step towards the provision of a pathway for the delivery of significant information to our stakeholders and local partners. Also it helps us in improving our efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of our official duties and functions as public health workers. This website proposes therefore, to serve as a good medium for us to continually extend our services to the people we have sworn to serve.

       We have now reached new heights. Our commitment to champion the values of integrity, accountability and citizens’ trust has led us to this inspiring journey. It is of utmost relevance that the trust reposed in us by the public is never breached.

      We shall stand in confidence and continue to catalyze sound actions in providing quality health information so that in serving our people, we make a difference in their lives until we achieve our shared vision of HEALTH FOR ALL FILIPINOS!

       Thank you very much for visiting our website! Mabuhay!

       Please feel free to contact our Office for recommendations and commentaries that will help us in improving our services.